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Hong Kong

The situation of youth in Hong Kong, the devastation of the LegCo, and the dynamics of the crisis

A correspondent of Europe Solidaire Sans Frontičre (ESSF) spoke to Au Loong-Yu on the situation in Hong Kong.

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Chile’s Nationwide Teacher Strike Has Thousands Taking to the Streets

Eighty thousand public school educators in Chile are out on an indefinite strike. Their target is the country’s neoliberal education system — a cruel legacy of the Pinochet dictatorship that overthrew Salvador Allende.

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Far right

Trumpism goes global

“I’ve travelled 24 hours, from Manila to Rio, to be here, yet politically I feel I haven’t left home.” Walden Bello, leading light of the ‘anti-globalisation movement’ and former Filipino congressman reflected on the rise of authoritarian right-wing ‘strong men’ from the Philippines to Brazil. I joined him in Brazil to assess what has changed in the 20 years since mass protests in Seattle brought the World Trade Organisation to a standstill, and announced the birth of a new, international movement to the world. “But 20 years ago, Seattle was an exclusively left-wing affair” Bello continued. “We need to understand how the far right managed to eat our lunch.”

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